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Scale Models and History
of the Keweenaw
"Modelling the Past for the Future"

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My Version of the Copper Range Railroad in 1923

Champion Mine Oil House

List of Bridges and Buildings of the Copper Range RR (1899-1916)

The Evolution of Champion #4, Painesdale

The Firesteel Region of the Copper Range, Lake Mine depot

Additional photos and history of the Lake Mine area

Champion Copper Mining Captain's Office

Stratton Siding Freight House and Freda/Mason Passenger Shelter

The history and model of Scheuermann's Brewery

Scheuermann's Brewery

3 Company home models and history of living in the Keweenaw

Mill Mine Junction House, Mohawk Mining Company home

Keweenaw Company houses, Obijway Mining Company house

The water tank in Lake Mine on my CRRR.

D.S.S.& A (Mineral Range) Depot in Houghton

Casting Masonry Walls in plaster

Build a Copper Range Railroad Steel Rock Car

Build a Copper Range Railroad Wood Rock Car

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Atlantic Flour Milling Company

Lavadiere Garage, Lake Linden

A pulled back view of Lake Mine and South Lake mine in the background. The mine area structures are still cardboard mockups and the scenery is incomplete. For an article on how I use mock-ups please visit my article below.

Mockups - the ultimate planning tool

The before and after of using mock-ups to develop a model scene.


Other Modeling articles I have authored that are not related to the Keweenaw.

Modeling a Pulp Mill

Building the Oregon Depot on the CB&Q

Building the Bel Air Depot on the MA&PA