Great Lakes / Great Sites Award

Featuring the best non-profit / community service sites from the Great Lakes region

We are pleased to present the Great Lakes Great Sites Award to the best non-profit sites in the Great Lakes region. Countless awards are showing up all over the web and non-profit sites should not be left out. So many sites on the Internet are trying to sell you something but most of us already have all that we need. There is a silent minority of sites out there that want to sell you something but what they are selling goes to help others or the communities they serve. Thus the reason for this site and award.

Living in the upper midwest I have started my focus on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but any site from a state located on the Great Lakes is eligible for this award. Write to our webmaster, Paul Bunyan to suggest a site for this award.

Please visit these Award Winning Sites

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Save the Redridge Wooden Dam

Painesdale Mine & Shaft, Inc.


Copper Range Historical Society

Ontonagon County Historical Society

Keweenaw County Historical Society

The Great Lakes 
Lighthouse Keepers Association

Houghton County Historical Museum


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Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy

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Historic Ottawa Beach

A project of Still Waters Community Elders Home, 
Calumet, Michigan

Crisp Point Light Historical Society
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Huron Island Lighthouse Preservation Association
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Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum

Finnish Cultural Heritage

In The Upper Peninsula Of Michigan


Lightheart's Michigan Lighthouses

MichiganGenWeb Genealogy


Spirits of the North, 
Historical & Educational Society




Portage Lake District Library


Chassell, Michigan

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Copper Country Hockey History


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40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society

The Henry Ford Estate / Fairlane


The Great Lakes Information Network


Michigan Historical Markers


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Michigan Broadcast Guide
Great Lakes Television and Radio

Dan's Lighthouse Page

Mount Clemens Public Library

America's Emerald Isle


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West Michigan Covered Bridges

West Michigan Lighthouses


Historic Arcadia, Michigan

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Save the Traverse City State Hospital

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Grand Marais, Michigan

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Freighter Frank's Great Lakes Marine Review

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A non-profit award and site presented by Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox Babe.

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