Important Visitors!

The Discussion Board: Save the Redridge Dam: Important Visitors!
By Cindy M ( on Thursday, May 02, 2002 - 9:33 am:

On May 1st we had some important folks out to visit the dam site. 3 representatives from the DEQ and 2 engineers interested in working on the project all came together with us to see for themselves what needs to be done here. It was a good meeting, a beautiful day and the dams were impressive as always. We discussed funding, design ideas, and time schedules. Everyone enjoyed a super lunch provided by Stanton Townships very own Treasurer- Thanks Laura!! It was exciting to meet all these people who were previously just email and phone contacts and Im pleased to report such positive progress! The dams speak for themselves as a place worth working on and seeing them in person is the best way to ensure support. I got alot of good natured ribbing for being That Dam Lady and having contacted everyone under the sun about this project....... hopefully that persistance will pay off! Cindy, the Dam Lady

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