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By CindyM on Saturday, January 19, 2002 - 1:06 pm:

I have been in contact with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) about the Redridge project. My contact there sent some interesting definitions and clarifications for us to consider. Depending on what is done to the wooden dam it can retain or lose its historic designation. Having national historic status does not offer the dam protection or limit our actions unless federal funding is involved, in which case the federal agency must consider and avoid adverse impacts. She lists 3 types of potential actions and defines them as:
Rehabilitation (repairs sufficient to extend its useful life and function)
Restoration (to return it to its original appearance while maintaining as much original structure as possible)
or Reconstruction/Reproduction (complete rebuild with new materials, in which case it would lose its historic designation)

(Note that this applies to work on the wooden dam, the steel dam will retain its designation no matter what we do with the wooden dam.)

SHPO recommends rehabilitation for most historic sites, but realizes this site has serious deterioration and probably will not be able to just be rehab'd or even just restored- in order to function safely again this dam needs alot. In the event we do more than rehab, they want us to be sure to document the site- the MTU Industrial Archaeology Dept will do this.

We will need to consider all the aspects here (DEQ, DNR, SHPO, local opinion, professional engineering opinion) in determining what "must be done", what "should be done" and what "can be done" at this site. Thanks to all who continue to help us with this interesting project! Cindy

By Marc on Monday, January 21, 2002 - 10:10 pm:

Hi Cindy,
From my visit to MTU today:
Talked to one of my old Geophysics professors. He would be willing to help w/ seismic or other geophysical surveys in the spring or summer, if it would be helpful and plans to stop by the site and take a look at it. I can give you his email if you like.
Stopped at the Alumni House and asked for help in finding a PE, or any other help. They are hunting for PE's, now and will let me know via email. They put me in touch with the Civil Eng Dept Coordinator and she took some info, promised to pass it on to a few prof's who might be interested. Also told me this might be something the students could do for a senior design project and would look into getting help for us that way.
Also looked into a list of organizations and found a few that might be willing to help w/ fundraising, if the need arises.
It was a bad day to get ahold of people there, d/t MLK day, but I made a few contacts, anyway.
I was thinking when it comes time to physically "do" something there, that there might be a few construction companies out there that would love to donate time and materials to be able to put up a sign at the road, advertizing their work...
Also, when the time is right, maybe when things start to get rolling, some TV and newspaper coverage could help, too:)
This is way, way out there, but I wonder if there is enough of a hydraulic head there to generate a little power and maybe help this project pay for itself??? I have no idea how cost effective(if at all) a small turbine/generator would be. I know it sounds stupid, but you never know what might come up if we think out of the box once in a while-at least it should get others to join in the discussion.
I'm off to the ship until Feb 27th, but will do what I can by phone, fax, email, internet, from there.

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